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Navigating High School

Homeschooling through high school is not as hard as you may think.  We have had many graduates go on to higher education at many universities throughout the USA.

ACA coordinators and our High School Director are here to assist you every step of the way.

 High School Benefits include:

high school overview
  • Individualized High School Counseling available as needed.
  • Advanced/Concurrent Enrollment (Many students attend their local Jr College to complete their higher level academics or enroll in an online, homeschool friendly, college program. Some of these colleges charge little or no fees. Forms are available from your coordinator or the main office.)
  • Driver's Ed & Training
  • Work Permits
  • Transcripts  
  • Diploma
  • Special Needs Consultation (To determine the level of classes and the subjects to be covered.)
  • IEP assistance  (Forms and direction available to orchestrate an academic and developmental IEP)
  • Report Cards (Elementary and Jr High/High School Report cards and tracking forms available.)
  • PSAT (Testing for 9th - 11th grade students.  Registration forms available online.)



Important Dates