Board of Directors

These men, all dedicated to Christ and Christian home education, presently constitute the governing Board of this California and Federally tax-exempt religious and educational corporation. They volunteer their time and labor to oversee the ministry and to maintain the Biblical, financial and philosophical integrity of the program.


MR. JAMES B. ROSE has over 35 years' experience as classroom teacher, Headmaster, Bible college professor and Chairman of the Department of Education, homeschooling principal and parent, a licensed minister of the Gospel, conference speaker, author, compiler, and President of the American Christian History Institute (, a non-profit religious and educational foundation whose mission is to research and advance America’s Christian history.

He is also Superintendent of the American Christian Academy Extension Campus of Anderson, California, having ministered to thousands of homeschool families in Northern California.

He is the author of the classic curriculum guide of the Principle Approach, A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School (1987). He resides in Redding, California, with his wife, Barbara. They are the parents of four who were homeschooled and in Christian schools administered by Mr. Rose. They are blessed with over 20 grandchildren who are all being educated at home.

Marc and Darla Winegarden, Directors

MARC and DARLA began educating their four children at home in 1987. They have been ministering through ACA to homeschool families for over 20 years. Their grandchildren are also homeschooled and they have plans to train them in the family business they also operate.


JOANN became the first Director of our program in 1988.  She has been a Foster mother to many children and is mom to two children still at home.  This has given her insight into different learning styles and enables her to understand and advise parents with the different challenges they encounter.

Bonnie Dillon, Office Manager

BONNIE is the “hub” of our program, working from the home office in Anderson, California to support the staff, communicate with the Coordinators and keep records.  Her son, Miles, is an ACA graduate, often performing at graduation and other events on the Scottish Bagpipes!

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