About American Christian Academy

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American Christian Academy (ACA) is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP) comprised of extension campuses ministering to parents dedicated to homeschooling throughout the United States. We are based in Anderson, California with local extension campuses currently administered through coordinators. Our Families outside the local areas are administered through the home office.

We walk along side parents who believe in independent, self-governing homes that voluntarily work to equip youth to:

  • Read and reason from the Bible
  • Relate Biblical truths to daily life and living
  • Enjoy learning the principles (ground or foundation) of a subject
  • Study and demonstrate proficiency in required subjects


Study to demonstrate proficiency in:

stack of books
  • The Bible
  • English/Literature
  • History/Geography
  • Civil Government
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • A wide array of Electives


The A.C.A.E.C Board and staff decided at the beginning of this private home school satellite program (PSP) that we would not be accredited by state agencies that authorize, empower and control the secular and moral standards of public high schools.  

This policy of non-accreditation is intended to affirm the God-given liberty of each family to choose the curriculum they believe is best for their student’s natural abilities and needs, and to support those parents who purpose to lead their children in the study and practice of Christian life and living, self-education, and individual self-government.

Because of the way some look at home schooling, home educated students have been challenged more and more each year in attempting to enroll in universities, some junior college classes and some vocational schools.  They have also been told they need to take the GED in order to apply to some medical programs, the CHP Academy and the correctional institutions. It is sad that the world has decided to challenge us on this point of separation unto God, but not surprising.

ACA has resolved, however, to embrace a policy that encourages the kind of independence and the enjoyment of liberty, which are naturally inherent to home education, and to advance new patterns of individual enterprise and independency of the State, which may be set for the generations to come. 

Parents may also inquire of ACA how to possibly start a ministry to homeschool families of 1st – 12th students in their area as an ACA Local Coordinator and independent contractor in a county or area not currently served by us.

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